Bouldering for beginners

Bouldering for beginners

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Påmeldingsfrist: 21.11.2023 18:00



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Boulder training at Blindern!

Hai climbers, OSI Klatring is introducing boulder training for first-time climbers as well as a technique course for beginner/intermediate climbers.

Beginners class: Perfect for people that would like to try bouldering, but don't really know where to start. This one-hour class provides you with all the information that you need to start bouldering.

Who: people that have never climbed, and would like to try the sport.

When: Every Tuesday night, 19.00-20.00h, starting on 31 Oct.

Technique course: In this four-week course we will talk through the most important techniques for bouldering. This 1,5 hour class (1,5h x 4 weeks) is perfect for people that have been climbing for a bit, but would like to learn to climb with different techniques and logic.

Who: beginner/intermediate climbers with limited experience with technical climbing

When: Tuesday night, 20.00-21.30h, 31 Oct./07,14,21 Nov.

See separate event for four-week course :)

Our training will take place in the boulderroom in Athletica Blindern. Make sure you have an Athletica Membership. Our class is free and both shoes as well as liquid chalk are provided. There are only limited places available, so make sure to sign in on time 🙂 See our website to sign in.z



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