Ute Klatrekurs // Outdoor Climbing Course

Ute Klatrekurs // Outdoor Climbing Course

Arrangør: Klatring
Påmeldingsfrist: 22.09.2023 19:00



Påmelding kr 501,00 inkl. avgifter

"For deg som har Brattkort og klatrer inne, men som vil lære det grunnleggende for å kunne klatre og sikre på utendørs [boltede] sportsklatrefelt." - NKF:Fra inne til ute | Norges Klatreforbund (klatring.no) 

"For you who have a 'steep' card and climb indoors, but who would like to learn the basics for climbing and belaying outdoors at a [bolted] sport climbing crag." - NKF From indoor to outdoor | Norway's Climbing Association

We are organizing an outdoor climbing course (inne-til-ute kurs/indoor to outdoor course) September 23rd to 24th beginning and ending each day 9:00-17:00. You will learn safe methods for top-rope and lead climbing outdoors including rappelling, anchors, and taking down equipment (i.e. 'cleaning') outdoors.

We have two certified instructors (Klatreinstruktør 1 Sport) to lead the course.

We will be visiting a crag around Oslo slightly depending on weather and interest of the participants.

As a participant you should have a brattkort and experience climbing and belaying indoors with both top-rope and lead climbing.

Helmets are mandatory at this course. All equipment can be borrowed from us. You have to be a member of the club. The course will take two full days, cost 500 NOK. It is limited to 10 places and students will be preferred. There will be time to climb yourself. The location will be accessible by public transport (or we will organize cars if not). 

Learn more about the course contents here: https://klatring.no/fra-inne-til-ute



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